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Railside Cafe

Alvord, IA

Welcome to
Crazy Bob's Foods!


Our primary focus is on "comfort" foods.  We start with good foods that everyone enjoys and make them "great" foods that you'll talk about for months !  Chef "Crazy Bob" Larsen has been in the food industry for over 35 years and has a CRAZY passion for flavors.   

Are you looking for something different ?  Something a little better ?  Come to Crazy Bob's Foods &


​                      COME  HUNGRY,

                  MY  FRIENDS !


       INWOOD,IA       ALVORD, IA       HARTLEY, IA

Crazy Bob's Foods is the way I dine. Tasty BBQ and some of the best burgers in the tri-state area!”

Sal Nistico


“The best Ribeye I've had in a long time. So tender and full of flavor!”

Jackie Jackson

Our Specials

Smokehouse BBQ
Catered Comfort Foods
Burgers & Steaks





Smoked Racks of            Bar B Que  RIBS..

Crazy Bob's 

Smoked Brisket        with Beans

Crazy Bob's Hartley Jack Daniels Sirloin

Crazy Bob's

Pulled Pork 

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